Offset quality meets the power of digital.

Each component of the RICOH Pro Z75 has been thoughtfully crafted to give you more value, efficiency — and, of course, beautiful prints.

Renowned Ricoh printheads

Famous for their speed, accuracy and reliability, Ricoh’s piezo-actuated printheads use dynamic variable drop technology to place dots precisely, using only the exact amount of ink needed. The result? Vivid images, razor-sharp lines and optimized ink usage. Advanced liquid cooling technology inside the printheads lets them work quickly for more productivity. And with a stainless-steel construction and auto-cleaning between jobs, they are built to last.

Aqueous, extended-gamut inks

Image quality isn’t just a matter of pixels — Ricoh-developed water-based inks are quick drying with no rub off. They let you create brilliant prints with an extended gamut that renders subtle gradations and accurate hues. Serve more markets when you can hit more colors, produce crisp text and deliver stunning image quality on premium high-coverage applications. Edge-enhancement and anti-clumping technologies produce exact text and vibrant colors for even higher perceived resolution.

A wide range of stocks, sizes and weights

No need to order specially treated paper. The outstanding output of the RICOH Pro Z75 is reliable across uncoated, offset-coated and inkjet-treated stocks, allowing you to use readily available paper. The large B2 sheet size (23" × 29" / 585mm × 737mm) makes the transition from offset to digital intuitive, lets you fit more on a sheet for higher productivity — and opens the way for a new range of products. Start creating more of what today’s market needs, from personalized catalogs to folders and light packaging.

Event Poster

23" × 29"

Offset Coated Gloss
250 – 270 gsm

Product Brochure

11" × 17" (Flat)

Silk Coated
150 – 170 gsm

Direct Mail Postcards 9‑Up

9" × 6" on a 23" × 29.5" Sheet

Silk/Matte Coated
250 – 300 gsm

Advanced Paper Transport System

The best of dependable offset technology crosses paths with cutting-edge innovation in the reliable transport system. End-to-end, the RICOH Pro Z75 is designed to give you quality and efficiency you can depend on.

Vacuum-fed paper drawers

Air-suction separates the top sheet from the stack, making individual sheet conveyance extremely reliable with additional air-assistance from the top surface of the sheet.

Air-assisted feeding

At the feeder, air separates sheets so they don’t stick together, eliminating the possibility of double-feeding.

Registration System

After feeding, Ricoh’s registration system is activated, delivering high accuracy even for jobs with varied paper sizes.

Vacuum Drum

Paper is conveyed to the imaging unit where it’s transferred to the print drum, based on an offset design. Incoming paper is vacuum-wrapped around the cylinder and printed as the drum rotates. By using vacuum suction, the paper lays flat, preventing shifting. Extremely accurate color-to-color registration is the result.

Advanced drying

Developed by our global engineering team, Ricoh’s game-changing advanced drying system took digital production to a new level when it made possible high-coverage, high-quality output on both matte and gloss-coated paper. As paper of varying thickness moves through the dryer, multiple heat sources optimize air flow. Output is dried instantly, so that you can move right to finishing.


Produce more sophisticated work — without overhauling your workflows. Ricoh has worked with EFI™ to develop a digital front-end designed to give you maximum ease-of-use, control and customization capabilities. It connects to different workflows, so that you can keep production running smoothly across your shop. Supervise print jobs, paper drawer levels, ink levels, maintenance schedules and more on the state-of-the-art 24" operator LCD panel, which can also be accessed via mobile for modern remote productivity.

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